A story of sense

Are you prepared to have a dinner in complete darkness?
…without knowing what you are eating?
…without knowing the people seated next to you?
What will be your feelings during this new experience?

Dans le Noir ? is a unique, powerful and distinctive experience with three main dimensions

A sensory journey

“Switch off the light, switch on your senses!”

Dining in absolute darkness is a sensory experience that awakes your senses and enables you to completely re-evaluate your perception of taste and smell.

A social conviviality

“This restaurant is totally devoid of vanity”

Darkness frees inhibitions and fosters conviviality without judgement and preconceptions. Communication is more intense, authentic and spontaneous.

 A human exchange

“Reversing everything, the unsighted host becomes your eyes!”

A human experience where those with visual impairments become your eyes and guides for a short time in an intriguing, sensual world.



Dans le Noir ? and Rydges Auckland are proud to present Dans le Noir ? at the Rydges Auckland restaurant.

In such a marvelous environment, you will be welcomed from March 24th 2017, to live this amazing experience.

Dining in the dark is an adventure which brings to your mind a lot of interesting questions in a fun and surprising environment